About Us

Our property sales platform is designed exclusively for probate solicitors.

We understand that you have a legal obligation to achieve the best possible price for probate property.

We offer zero listing fees, zero conveyancing fees and a buy it now option for estates needing a quick sale.

Both our property sales platfrom and buy it now options provide an equitable price without unnecessary disbursements.

A quick turnaround allows you to successfully liquidate an estate’s assets without undue delay.

Why we are different

We understand the challenges of dealing with probate property and liquidising assets in order to settle the administration of the estate.

We offer a one-stop shop for probate property

We can arrange all of the following for you, with quotations for house clearances, removals, conveyancing and deep cleaning being provided upon request. All other options are included as standard.

Property packs

Energy Performance Certificates

Supervised property viewings

Pre-check potential bidders

House clearances including uplifting of carpets and refuse removal
*contact us for a quote


Three selling options to suit your probate needs

  1. Property sales platform provide an ideal way to demonstrate to your client that you have discharged your legal duties to obtain the best price on the day. However, there are times when it is necessary for your client to liquidate the assets of the estate quickly, perhaps in order to settle tax liabilities.
  2. Our Buy Now option allows you to list the property and obtain a FAST sale – without waiting for the auction to commence – offering completion within days.
  3. As the name suggests, our Minimum Price Guarantee option provides sellers with the opportunity to lock in a guaranteed minimum price (e.g. £80,000), but also provides the opportunity to put the property to sales platform. If the property then sells for more than the guaranteed minimum price (e.g. for £100,000) we would then split the difference (e.g. £20,000) 50/50 with the seller.

Investors ready to buy

At Probate Property Hub we are fortunate to have a hugely diverse pool of property investors. They have experience of purchasing probate properties and have funds in place to ensure swift completion.

We also have close links with finance companies, providing mortgage funding options for our buyers.




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