Terms and conditions


  • Probate Property Hub is not exclusive to probate properties. It will be noted in the description when the property is going through probate.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older in order to become a Registered User.
  • Probate Property Hub has the rights to refuse any registration or bidder.
  • If your bid or any offers which have been received have been accepted as the highest bid or offer (reaching over the minimum reserve bid), your agreement with Probate Property Hub will be legally binding. The fee of 2.5% + Vat will be payable within 48 hours of the end of the auction or an offer which has been accepted. If you decide to withdraw, you will lose this reservation fee and the property will be placed back on the market. If there are circumstances beyond our control i.e. the seller withdraws, you will be entitled to a full refund. Any other reasons will be on an exceptions basis only.
  • Subject to the Reserve price being met, the highest bidder or an offer that has been accepted will be the person reserving the property for purchasing.
  • Open days, you will only be allowed to bid if you have visited the property on the allocated viewing days. There will be at least two visits days but you must have pre-registered and had an acknowledged timeslot to view the property.
  • Any loss or damage during open days to buyers or associates viewing the property or on the grounds, its car parks, including valuables and equipment are brought in at your own risk.
  • In order to register with the Probate Property Hub, you will need to submit two forms of identification. This will consist of a passport or driving license and a recent utility bill brackets (within a 3 month period).
  • Your username account details and password is unique to yourself and must be treated with the strictest confidentiality. If it transpires that this has been breached your account will be suspended.
  • Probate Property Hub has the right to terminate your account at its sole discretion.
  • There is no fee for accessing the site. However, if you purchase the property without Probate Property Hub, you will be liable for the full fee.
  • Some of the properties may be un-mortgageable due to the state of repair. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure they have the means to complete the deal whether or not it is mortgageable. If the property is deemed unmortgageable the reservation fee still applies. However, we will try to provide you with any information that we have received that may assist your decision-making.
  • You will be advised of your winning bid immediately after the auction or acceptance of the offer. You will then have a further 48 hours to pay the reservation fees in full.
  • You will be unable to start the process and instruct any conveyancing solicitors or interact with the seller until the reservation fee has been paid to Probate Property Hub in full.
  • During the bidding, you will be able to place your offer on a real-time basis. If a bid is made within the last 10 minutes a further 15 minutes will be extended to the auction to ensure there are no untoward tactics by any other purchaser. It is your responsibly to make sure you have a connection to the bidding site and internet connection.
  • Fees of 2.5% + VAT of the purchase price with a minimum reservation fee of £2,500 + VAT will be liable on the successful bidder. Withdrawal of your intentions will still forfeit your reservation fee.
  • This reservation fee is separate to any other fees that you may incur in the process of this purchase.
  • Whilst this is not a standard auction site, we have set some time limits to ensure the process is not delayed unnecessarily. A survey must be completed no later than 45 days after the auction and the completion must take place no later than 90 days after the auction has taken place. There might be discretionary changes to this timescales or process but that will be down to the seller’s solicitor’s and with permission from them.  Reservation fee will be forfeited if the seller delays these timescales and other costs may incur.
  • No works can be carried to the property until you have received confirmation of completion of the property from your solicitor.
  • Any disputes should be placed in writing to Probate Property Hub  Alban House, Garnell Business Park, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1AY
  • Withdrawal of Lots of Bids.  We reserve the right to withdraw lots or a Bidder from the auction at any time and for any reason and/or change the type of auction for a particular lot.
  • We may increase our charges under this agreement at any time. We may also change these terms and conditions.


  • The seller has the option to accept a buy now price and once there is an agreed sale the reservation fee applies and the property will be removed from the auction site.
  • The open days will be fixed for at least two separate viewing days in any 30 day period. Probate Property Hub will coordinate all the viewings. No access to view the property unless prearranged visit has been agreed.
  • There will be a starting price, reserve price, and a sold price. The starting price will usually be lower than the reserve price and it will be at the discretion of any buyer if they wish to bid higher than that. In the event that the reserve price has not been met, we will seek guidance from the seller and reserve the right to go back to the highest bidder.
  • The reserve price is an agreed undisclosed amount that the seller would be prepared to sell the property for. If the reserve price is reached the process would be triggered and the timescales would be initiated.
  • Probate Property Hub will keep the seller fully advised and appraised of the situation from start to completion.
  • All legal documents will be required i.e deed of probate, Land registry,  EPC certificate and any other document that might be relevant to the property and Photographs will need to be taken.
  • If the seller requires any work to the property i.e. clearance or probate valuations, maintenance to the property, PPH would be delighted to assist and quote for the specific works. These services are additional services and will incur a cost.
  • Withdrawal of a property, once a property has been submitted for auction or buy it now option  and a seller withdraws, please notify us immediately as administration cost could apply.
  • Any loss or damage during open days to the property or on the grounds, its car parks, including valuables and equipment is the seller’s own risk.
  • Withdrawal of Lots: We reserve the right to withdraw lots from the auction at any time and for any reason and/or change the type of auction for a particular lot.


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