House clearances – What to be aware of

What exactly is a house clearance? If a house loses an owner or tenant, if someone passes or is taken into care, then the house would require a clearance before it’s handed over to the local authorities, new tenants or it is sold. In many instances, this service is requested by an executor of the […]

What can cause probate delays?

When navigating through the probate process there is no specific length of time that it will take to complete, it is common for probate to take around 12 months, but even the smallest unforeseen hurdle can add weeks or months to this. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the main […]

UK house prices rise at record rate

House prices in the UK have risen at the fastest rate on record over the festive period. According to the latest research by Rightmove, house prices have increased by 2.3 per cent as confidence increased in the market following the general election in December 2019. The increase is the largest rise for the period between […]


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